We make progress happen

Integrating our environmental markets knowledge with our financial structuring expertise, we create pathways to progress for our clients and partners. Together, we navigate complexity as we advance towards a sustainable future.

About Us

About our climate business

We believe that carbon and green finance are gateways to positive transformation. We leverage this power. Drawing on our extensive hands-on experience across project management and investment, we find new and fertile ways to align our clients’ unique ambitions with the planet’s pressing needs. Combating climate change, biodiversity loss and rural adversity is our mission and underpins all our solutions.

Environmental markets are vast and varied. We pride ourselves on capturing real-time feedback from across the entire spectrum of participants. We know what’s happening – where, when, how and why. This exhaustive perspective enables us to provide highly-informed advice on both project strategies and models and the very latest, cutting-edge technologies.

Wherever you are in your journey – from conceptual phase to nearing implementation – we can step in to add value with experienced and dynamic guidance. Working with you, we co-create high-impact projects that deliver tangible, positive outcomes.

Our project experience is both deep and diverse. We know our way around everything from ecosystem restoration, advanced biochar production and regenerative agriculture practices, to initiatives for clean cooking and water, and innovative solutions for plastic waste recovery.

Our story so far

Building a sustainable future, project by project

Starting with 1997’s landmark Kyoto Protocol, HCBL’s journey continues to explore, connect and progress environmental markets and sustainability. By 2013, we had become a leading global environmental consultancy; and by 2017, our influence extended to a major public-private initiative in Chile. In 2018 we counselled the Republic of Korea in establishing their Emissions Trading System. We represented commercial interests as part of the UK Delegation at 2019’s COP25 in Madrid. Increasing our focus on collaboration, 2021 saw our partnership with Canadian project capital allocator, Base Carbon, solidified, and we helped guide Kazakhstan in its development of a national carbon market strategy.

Uniting expertise and experience

Our team comprises experts from multifaceted backgrounds, each bringing deep international experience from across Europe, Africa and Asia. Our proven success across project management, finance and advisory continues to strengthen our reputation in environmental markets. With roots extending back to the birth of carbon markets, we are adept at anticipating shifts in trends, methodologies and policies. HCBL is your guide to the dynamic environmental markets landscape that you can rely on.

Philip Hardwick image

Philip Hardwick


Anne-Sophie Zirah image

Anne-Sophie Zirah

Director – Methodology and Certification

Michele Spezia image

Michele Spezia


Shiyan Cole image

Shiyan Cole

Finance Director

Joe Fisher image

Joe Fisher

Director - Nature-based Solutions

Ned McLean image

Ned McLean

Director - Humanitarian Projects

Sally Fabian Llantoy image

Sally Fabian Llantoy

Project Associate

Marta Mugica image

Marta Mugica

Project Associate

Moritz Takacs image

Moritz Takacs

Project Analyst

Eva del Rio Tortosa image

Eva del Rio Tortosa

Project Analyst

A conversation on HCBL's branding evolution

Our branding journey has been a great opportunity to redefine our ethos and position within environmental markets. HCBL sits at the intersection of a diverse range of stakeholders within these markets, and we work as catalysers of projects, policies, and financing. Watch this video to discover more about our recent evolution within this dynamic industry.