From providing strategic advisory to a broad range of organisations, to developing projects through carbon and green finance, we’re proud of the progress we’re making.

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The combination of our broad experience and dynamic approach enables us to add multifaceted expertise at any stage in a project’s lifecycle. Positively engaging with a wide range of clients and projects globally, we work with communities, governments, supranationals, non-profit organisations and industry stakeholders to lead the way in delivering high-impact climate and biodiversity solutions.

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Vietnam Project

Total household devices distributed captured


(Cookstoves + Water purifiers)

Improved Cookstoves distributed


Safe Drinking Water Purifiers distributed


Credits issued as of 2023


tCO2e avoided

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Mangroves Restoration, Southeast Asia

This project focuses on rehabilitating 5,000 hectares of mangroves, to restore the ecosystem and rebuild livelihoods. These mangroves provide a lifeline against typhoons, are crucial for shoreline protection, and reduce coastal erosion. Their role in carbon sequestration is key in the fight against climate change, whilst enriching biodiversity and providing a habitat for diverse wildlife. It's a source of sustainable employment, giving community members a stake in both their future and the environment.

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Leveraging diverse expertise. Forging long-term partnerships. Delivering comprehensive climate solutions. Our commitment to international collaboration ensures that we stay at the forefront of our field.

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