Leveraging our broad environmental markets experience, we guide private sectors on project due diligence, financing, methodology development, and technical implementation.

Our Services

Advisory services

We guide all sectors on project due diligence, financing, methodology development, and technical implementation, while supporting governments and international organisations in constructing efficient markets, designing policies and extending knowledge.

Project development services

We provide project planning services, shaping and executing nature based solutions, energy transition and circular economy strategies. Concurrently, we partner with governments and global bodies to actualise these projects on a broader scale.

Who we work with

Connecting Climate Interests

Our extensive network enables us to connect and manage the busy intersection of project stakeholders, uniting non-profit organisations, governments, supranationals, investors and communities to catalyse transformative climate and biodiversity progress.

  • Investors
  • Project developers
  • Corporates
  • Government and Supranational bodies
  • Non-profit organisations


Investing in Progress: A World Worth Your Trust

Securely navigating investors through intricate landscapes, we merge our financial structuring, implementation and monitoring expertise to identify high-integrity projects, conduct robust due diligence, manage financial exposure and maximise returns.

Our work in this area

Our approach in action: Southeast Asia

HCBL led the structuring of a large-scale clean cooking and safe drinking water project in Vietnam, connecting SIPCO as project developer, our major shareholder Base Carbon as investor, and Citigroup as buyer.

Why work with us?

Profound Impact Assessment

Investors are assured of projects that holistically address the three pillars of sustainability: environmental, economic and social. This ensures a balanced return for each of the community, the investor, and the planet.

Optimised Investment Outcomes

Our rigorous risk management processes mean that investments are not only safe, but also yield attractive returns. Looking beyond profitability alone, we align financial goals with impactful outcomes.

Beyond Monetary Returns

Our projects deliver tangible co-benefits. By investing with us, you are contributing to projects that provide verifiable, positive impacts on communities and environments.

Advisory services

Project development services

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